Saturday, September 13, 2008

Calvin and Hobbes: Weirdos from Another Planet

Reviewed by Garrett

I like reading Calvin and Hobbes. They are weird. Once they were digging for bones, but they just found old trash and stuff. But they still built a dinosaur out of the cans. The thing I really like about Calvin and Hobbes is that it's really funny how he talks to his tiger. Once when he came back from school his tiger was hiding and he said "I'm home." And when the tiger jumped out his eyes got really big and his hair got all spikey. The tiger scared Calvin so many times, but then the last time Calvin scared the tiger.

The pictures are so funny. I also like it because there are a lot of cartoons on each page and each one is different. I feel happy when I read it. I'm on page 32 out of 130 pages. I'm glad I still have a lot of cartoons to read. I like to read it every night. The end.

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